Acne is an inflammatory condition caused when bacteria in the glands, known as P. Acne, builds up and results in unsightly cysts, pimples, black heads, pustules and spots.


You may find the problem embarrassing, especially visible facial acne and if left untreated, it can lead to acne scarring.

Have you ever noticed how your skin improves in the summer?

Dermalux LED phototherapy reproduces the same properties of sunlight without the sun’s harmful UV light – clinically proven to kill acne bacteria.

It’s therefore safe for use in the treatment of acne on even the most sensitive skin.

When acne bacteria appears as acne spots, porphyrins are produced which absorb blue light energy, providing antibacterial benefits.

It is suitable for all skin types including darker skins, teenage skin and stubborn cystic acne.

It’s an effective alternative if your skin does not respond to other acne treatments, medicated acne creams or has become antibiotic resistant.

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