Age spots, freckles, lentigos, liver spots, sun damage, birthmarks, melasma and Vitiligo (hypopigmentation) are all common skin disorders known asdml pigmentation.

A Pigment called Melanin is found in your skin and is the cell that determines the colour of your hair, skin and eyes.

When too much Melanin is produced (Hyperpigmentation) dark patches of skin appear on your face and hands.

These small patches are heavily influenced by hormones so usually occur in women during pregnancy – although they have no effect on health it can damage your self confidence with their unsightly appearance.

Dermalux LED is a safe and painless way to get clear, even, healthy skin today and unlike other pigmentation treatments such as laser pigmentation removal and pigmentation creams.

It is suitable for all skin types including high risk African skin, Asian skin, and Mediterranean skin.

Exposure to the Dermalux LED light wavelength has an antioxidant effect, which encourages your body’s natural production of melanin to lighten hyperpigmented skin.

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